There were many crucial crafts that had social importance of and from corresponding artists. Two of the most crucial forms of art were clothing or textiles and architecture. Artists had to work together on projects like these during this time. Clothing was important because the Incas needed to dress themselves. Architecture was a form of artistry and provided buildings for the people of such regions.

Textiles served as wall decor as a social important. Clothing was a way to cover body parts. Since there were so many artists textiles and clothing were a competitive art form. One of the most prevalent clothing styles were ponchos. One type of such weaving was called ‘Linear Style’ where pictures were embroidered within the cloth. Another style of weaving that was important was called ‘Block Weaving’. Block Weaving was used to stick in diagonal patterns into fabric. “This in itself was an unusual embroidery, a technique rarely employed for coverage but rather for intermittent accents. Yes Andeans, particularly the Paracas people, favored intense solid colored areas and lavished great quantities of time and materials on ‘inefficient’ techniques. As burial items, excessive labor and resources themselves praise the power of the deceased” (Stone, 64). Certain weaving techniques were used for many different reasons, and that is why the textile and clothing were so competitive during this time.

(Photo: Melon, Andrew W. “Birds of the Andes.” Classic Boots Handmade Over Comfort Heel Leather Up Nine Black Knee Lace Seven Toe Chunky Women's The Suede Square Stretch The Metropolitan Museum of Art. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Apr. 2015. .)

Architecture was built through block designs. Some of the brick designs include polygonal blocks which select polygonal blocks had up to twelve sides. Other structures, however, were rectangle blocks. There is a social importance in the type of blocks that the Inca people chose. They had to work together and be artistic and creative to figure out which types of blocks they wanted to use. Also, architecture was used to build temples for the gods, then later, monotheism for the Spaniards.

(Photo: “Ancient Destinations.” Ancient Destinations. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Apr. 2015. .)

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